Hands in prevarnished aluminum, in black, white, red, silver, chrome and gold ( new color:  copper), available for every quartz movements.

For alarm clock
Hands in prevarnished aluminum, available for every quartz movements alarm clock.

Hands in aluminum prevarnished available for every quartz movement.

Plastic hands available for UTS quartz movement (I-SHAFT or PUSH-FIT).

Pendulums for quartz movement available in different diameters in colours: gold, chrome, black and white. Supplied with rods of variable length.

* At the discretion of the company, the products may undergo slight variations

Hands in prevarnished aluminum with insulating bushing in brass for gauges, depth gauges and other instruments.

Realization of components applied at electronic elements.

Exclusive hands realized on specific requests of our customers.

D.R.L News:

Here are the latest news from DRL: wall clocks of our production, all in aluminum and equipped with quartz movement!

Dimensions: Ø 380mm thickness 45mm. Also available for 305mm and 270mm.

The clock is built interely in our company, using CNC cutting and engraving systems.

The chromatic effects are obtained by inserts and overlays of aluminum sheets, without using any silk screen.
This process allows the production of unique pieces – with very low installation costs.
They are ideal for small series and Branding Image projects for your company. Or even for sampling design projects, entirely made ad hoc!

The boxes used for packaging are in cardboard, recyclable as well as the entire structure of the aluminium watch. We conciliate love for the beauty with the attention to the environment!