Clocks components, industrial production with DRL

The components of clocks are various, each one is characterized by a particular function and a particular task but all together are parts of the same mechanism.

The spring, the reel, the movement, the hands, they make up together a clock, but, in order to make it work, it is essential that each part functions in the best possible way.

We are professional in the field, not only we are capable and experts, but also we have an old tradition from the past; in fact, since 1985 we are actively involved throughout Italy and Europe, supplying with our products countries such as France, Spain, England, Slovenia, Netherlands, Greece, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Czech Republic and Portugal.

Between all the components of clocks, those on which our production is focused are, without doubts, the hands: for wall clocks, alarm clocks, pendulums, table clocks and so on. Our passion brought us to explore new frontiers, becoming also leader in the production of hands for gauges and depth gauges, both underwater and of any other nature; but that’s not everything yet.

A part of our staff is specialized in the creation of electronic miniature, a sector in constant evolution that allows us to grow and explore new techniques. The challenges that every day we have to face have allowed us to improve, becoming the reference point both in the electronic miniature field and in the one concerning the components of watches.

By choosing us, you will find an expert and professional partner that, with the passion of the past times, typical of the workshops that today are extremely rare, will provide you with quality products. Consult our website and contact us directly from here!


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