Creation of design prototypes.

At DRL, among our activities, we boast of the creation of design prototypes.

What does it mean? That we are able to achieve concretely ideas and projects of young and less young designers: do you want to see practically your innovative design prototype starring clocks and hands? DRL will listen to you and will help you in the creation of design prototypes! During the past, we already made numerous collaborations with emerging artists.

Do you know, for example, the Independent Design Festival in Turin? This year, we took part with a collaboration with the young designer Walter Giovanniello, offering an original clock: Tamuro.

Having DRL as partner for the creation of design prototypes could prove to be the ace in the hole for everyone who wants to develop creative and artistic works with clocks and hands, in order to relaunch, in this way, an object with a great value and importance.

Through our interest against everything that is possible to create and with the most upgraded equipment and production techniques, we could be the ideal partner for everyone who wants to design something that is inimitable and original, by succeeding together in the concrete creation of prototypes with the most various designs.

With DRL everything is possible! We will create with you, young emerging designers, the device of your dreams as unique and authentic works, which would reveal something of yourself and ourselves; we always have been careful about the news of our sector and about the new design proposals, which represent an innovative and revolutionary boundary, a new and exciting challenge.

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