Specialists in small metal parts

The metal parts, whether we think of the metallurgical or the industrial sector, plays a fundamental role: it’s the main instrument for the composition of the simplest mechanisms as for the more complex ones.

The production of metal parts furthermore relates to the construction of objects of common use, such as bolts, screws or more in detail helicols, washers and seegers, which are devices that must be made with the highest care and attention to ensure the quality of expected performance.

Our team has been dealing for years with the processing and supply of metal parts, with passion and attention, professionally satisfying the demands of different sectors.

We have always been a leading manufacturer of watch hands, pressure gauges and depth gauges, but over the years our business has also developed the metal and electronic parts production. We are specialized in the treatment of fine metals, mainly nickel silver, brass, copper, aluminum and iron with a thickness of 0.3/0.4 mm.

The deep knowledge of these metals or their processing and treatment techniques, in treating them and handle them, are essential requirements to provide quality metal parts machining, and – thanks to years of experience, to constant update and to our advanced machinerywe guarantee impeccable service for all your needs!

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