Dream of a clock: here is the meaning!

Clocks play a key role in everyday life; according to the passage of time we organize our days and things to do. But did you ever dream of a watch? It often happens that these outstanding measuring instruments populate dreams, trying to convey a message we’re not always able to understand.

The dream of a clock can mean different things. In general, however, the message is the same: each signal that is sent from the unconscious through the appearance of watches is about time and the manner in which this is exploited during our daily lives.

In a dream all the dimensions of time can be intended: its flow, its running away, even its act of dividing the various daily activities. A stopped clock, for example, may indicate problems and impediments at a physical level and at the level of commitments; dreaming a specific time could refer to an event you do not want to lose; moreover, a clock with hands that go counterclockwise could mean that you are not taking the right path.

The main interpretations that can be given about the appearance of watches in a dream are:

– Bring the dreamer to ask themselves questions about how he is using his time;

– Give the dreamer a new perspective to view his perception of time from;

– Through the dream of a watch the unconscious puts the dreamer in front of a comparison between biological time, that is the life stage he really lives in, and the one he imagines or feels.

Regardless of the interpretation you can choose, the act of dreaming a clock has a very strong symbolic value, which leads to ask yourself questions about your time and the way in which clocks divide your life, as well as your days.

The dream of a watch, however, is as important as the use you make of it every day, because it allows you to understand the passage of time, the passing of the seasons and occasions!

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